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My JetSeat stopped working. No power light comes on when switched on...

There are two most common causes:

1) The broken pin of the controller's connector is the most common cause of this problem. It will cause the control unit not to turn on. For more information, please visit:


2) Random Firmware issue can be solved by reloading the firmware of the Gametrix pad, following this procedure:

1. Download these two files: Firmware Reload ( and v2_57 file (Jet_fw_v2_57.rar), unzip it somewhere; 
2. Unplug the device USB; 
3. Switch off the device power; 
4. Plug in the device USB; 
5. Press and hold buttons MODE and MOTORS; 
6. While holding these buttons, switch on the device power (at the very first time Windows will discover a new Z-Boot device); * 
7. Release buttons; 
8. Wait until drivers for new device installed; 
9. Start FirmwareLoader.exe; 
10. Load firmware into the device by pressing the button with a red arrow and Russian text "Обновить", select to open v2_57.vkb file and wait till the final "OK"; 
11. Unplug the device USB; 
12. Switch off the device power; 
13. Plug in the device USB; 
14. Switch on the power and check if the device works. 
* - if you can't see any Windows activity at this step, it is worth to try to keep going anyway. 

We recommend to also restart your PC after following the steps listed.

Make sure to run the Gametrix JetSeat software as an administrator in OS Windows 10.

What power supply is required?

The Euro type power adapter (for the socket compatible with plug types C, E & F) is included.
The Gametrix KW-901/908's switching adapter has the following parameters: INPUT: 100-240V~50/60Hz; OUTPUT: 12V - 1000mA.

You can use yours internationally with a proper converter.

How long is the cable of the Gametrix vibration pad?

The cable length is 2.10 m. The cable is divided on three connectors: USB male / Jack male / Jack female.

What are the buttons "MOTORS" and "MODE" on the controller unit?

MOTORS button switches motors on and off. When motors are off, the LED indicator is blinking.

MODE button can switch the basic force-feedback modes between USB and SOUND CAPTURE. To change the mode, press and hold the button for 3 seconds. The colour of the LED indicator should change now.

Which PC games are fully supported by Gametrix JetSeat?

You can find the list of PC game titles with the Gametrix force-feedback support here.

What's the difference between the Gametrix KW-901 and KW-908 force feedback pads?

KW-901 has a 6 vibration motors, with 2 of them placed in the lower area. KW-908 has a total of 8 stronger vibration motors plus modern gaming design.